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Results/Expectations: Results are cumulative and it is highly recommended for this treatment be performed in a series of 4 or more optimal results. Post care skin routine specifically formulated by PRX Derm Perfection to boosts results and longevity.

Frequency: every 7-10 days

Treatment time: 30 min

WiQo PRX Derm Perfection 


The revolutionary skin care treatment has arrived directly from Italy! And it is safe for ALL skin types! We are so excited to offer this international patent and perfected formula, used to treat, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, overall skin quality and skin health. There is nothing like it!

PRX Derm Perfection combines the revolutionary effects of hydrogen peroxide, Kojic acid, and high concentration of TCA (trichloroacetic acid) to provide immediate and lasting improvement to the look and feel of skin without peeling, invasive measures or downtime. 

Results are seen immediately and cumulative over time. This can be a stand alone treatment or used in combination with microneedling for NEXT LEVEL results!

Treatment Area

This treatment is not limited to face, this treatment can be used safely on

 face neck décolleté abdomen arms legs and more..


Our most popular skin treatment to achieve our signature “Foundation-less skin” This treatment combines PRX Derm Perfection, microneedling and CO2 masks. This regimen is done in a series of 4 or more depending on your goals and area being treated. This regimen includes post care skin regimen for the duration of your treatment plan. 



For any further questions or concerns please contact us 925-915-5153

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